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We are located in Rohnert Park, California

Spice Sensuality is located in Rohnert Park, California where there is ample parking.

Spice Sensuality Boutique
6597 Commerce Blvd
Rohnert Park, California 94928
Telephone: (707) 588-0525

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Spice Sensuality

Meet Chuck

Chuck is thrilled to open his doors to all who have a sense of fun, and a willingness to explore and expand their physical relationships. His choice to open Spice left some surprised, but for Chuck, the rewards have been amazing, and he is not talking just financial rewards, but the difference he feels Spice has made for many couples. Chuck has been running retail shops for over two decades. He enjoys working with people to help them find products that will add a new dimension to their lives. His first chain of stores was so enriching, he decided to take his retail knowledge and spiral it off into a new direction, one which is full of the best kind of Spice!

Chuck and his staff provide a source of products and information designed to help residents of Marin and Sonoma counties learn how to develop and build strong, intimate relationships. Education is an important part of Chuck’s vision for Spice. He and his staff have conducted many sexual education classes at local colleges and other public venues. The staff at Spice is highly trained to understand the benefit each product can provide. Chuck believes his staff’s most important role is to help customers find products and materials that will enrich their relationships and lives. Chuck strives to create a welcoming, clean shop where men and women of all sizes and inclinations feel welcomed and supported as they embrace their sensual side. Chuck envisions a store where his customers feel comfortable to ask questions, knowing that they will get advice that will help them understand which products are a good fit for them and/or their partner.

Meet Courtney

Courtney came to Spice from the jewelry business, and she loves to sell, especially in specialized markets! Her vibrant, warm personality helps remove any inhibitions as soon as you walk through the door. As the business grows, she has been delighted to realize that more and more people feel at ease exploring their sexuality. If you are shy or uncomfortable with the topic of sex it takes but a few minutes with Courtney to put you at ease and you will always walk out with a smile.

Imagine the most open childhood possible, and you will understand the environment in which Courtney learned to live and love. Her parents embraced the hippy lifestyle, even though her father was a police officer. She grew up learning not to judge but to appreciate the best in everyone. Courtney’s husband is an IT Specialist in the US Coastguard, stationed at CAMSPAC, Point Reyes. When the couple moved from Michigan, Courtney found herself exploring a small boutique selling intimate products. Before long, she was employed by the owner, and has never looked back! “This is my calling, I enjoy helping people feel relaxed in an environment where they naturally feel they should not be comfortable.”

“We should not feel ashamed of our sexuality, we should embrace it and enjoy it. “Courtney believes that we naturally have “hang-ups” about experimenting. She admits that she was initially intimidated by products involving bondage, and was reticent to sell them, in her words, “how do you hurt someone safely?” She realizes now that although there is a fine line between pleasure and pain, education is key, and there is much pleasure to be derived from all aspects of sexual play. Spice carries an excellent variety of floggers, paddles and whips.

Courtney loves the lingerie Spice sells, and as the lingerie buyer spends many hours picking different styles to fit every size. She believes that size is not an issue when picking intimate outfits and enjoys helping all her customers find just the right garment to make them feel sexy! If you think you can’t look sexy in a corset, you have yet to meet Courtney!

Meet Jessica

Jessica majored in math, and always thought working at Spice would be a side venture. However she loves helping her customers find a strong intimate connection with themselves and their partners. She is always delighted to hear how sexual experiences have improved as a result of education, and with the help of great products, obviously!

Jessica believes that finding a comfort level with your own body is essential before you can share experiences with your partner. “You would be surprised at how many people are not comfortable sexually in their own skin. Finding and evaluating the correct products is vital, it is not just about titillation it is so much more than that”.

“Masturbation should not be a taboo subject.” It is a natural part of sexual experience and should be treated as such, and talked about, instead of hidden behind closed doors. We carefully evaluate our products for quality and satisfaction, and welcome feedback from our customers.

When Jessica started working at Spice she realized that all assumptions should be cast aside when it comes to sex! As an example, she initially felt sure that most harnesses were designed for women to use with other women, but has since realized many straight couples enjoy using harnesses too! Spice sells harnesses of exceptional quality, habd selected from Spareparts Hardwear.

There are many items on the market, and everyone has different needs. What is right for one person or couple may not be right for another. Jessica can provide valuable insight and ideas on all of the products in the boutique.

Jessica lives by the belief that “wondering will always hurt more than knowing the answer.” This is true of all aspects of life. Being open and liberal has helped her explore all sexual avenues to find what it is she truly desires.